Home Setup

My home setup. I like to keep things basic as much as possible, and dark. But not dark mode in the apps/web pages. Because most of them do not implement in a good design & consistency.

Dell P2721Q

Using in scaled mode; 3008x1692. Would be nice if I bought a 32" and used in the same scale because I'm getting older. Rumors for affordable Pro Display in this summer.

Logitech MK270 Keyboard + Mouse Set

Using same keyboard+mouse set for 8+ years. I have many spare ones in case they don't produce it anymore. I like mechanical keyboards but I'm used to this set so much and I can already do >110 WPM. Also, I feel comfortable with it, no health issues so far (hopefully) .

AirPods Pro

TBH: Waste of money. It's a replacement. The lightness of it is superb but audio quality is totally not worth the price.

Macbook M1 Pro

Configured to 32GB, soon to be replaced with 64GB Max because now developers love to waste the resources.

TP Link Deco M5

Great value for the price, but would be nice to replace it with a Wifi 6 model.

Fitmart 2.2L Water Bottle

My wife wants to ensure I get hydrated enough while building a startup and help raising a baby girl.

Philips Hue Play

I like to study in a dark environment with blackout curtains. However, background light vastly improves the expereince


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