Burak Faruk ŞAHİN
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As a devops we need too much monitor... Sometimes even four is not enough but for now that is the maximum amount that i can get.

Samsung C24FG7x

Curved 144hz IPS monitor but panel is chronically malfunctioning. Bad a f

Lenovo G24-20

165Hz good for eyes at night

Logitech G922

1080p but not works 1080p with all applications you need to use nvidia broadcast to make the quality better

Logitech z207

this speaker can be connected via bluetooth or via 2.5mm plug very responsive and good.

Acer XF240Q S

165Hz VA monitor but panel works very well.

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED

This mouse works well and no latency at all

Logitech K400+

this keyboard is good for navigate some applications without touching my main keyboard at all


This keyboard is better for coding and also fast typing.

Logitech G29

for fun purposes only. Works well with most of drivable games.

DARK Monitor stand

i dont remember the version of this but i recommend my other Monitor stand.


it was hard to assemble but it was worth it.

Logitech G935

it was not there because it was on my head when i take the photo. It has some issues but it has good range

My Little Monster

RTX4080 64GB 3600Hz ram 1TB M2 1TB SSD 8TB SATA AMD RYZEN7 3800X want to upgrade to a new motherboard but it can wait :d

Dell Alienware AW2521HFL

this monitor is 240Hz IPS but it has some chronic issues. I dont recommend that.